The new 4AP reloaded version of the previous LIZU firmware. Very nice, fast and powerful.

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its from proveious Lizu 4AP
Bugs fixed: * Bug of the characters in the play lists
* Bug iLaunch from the bar.

Applications Add / Remove and in turn adapted and change General Terms:

* Stopwatch: Pulled the old version, and updated with the latest version of NestorMan.
* Removed from the menu: Yahoo mail and facebook.
* Video-set aggregate.
* AudioSwitcher added.
* MyToolBox: multilingual, partly created by me, a bit more functional, now: backupea / delete / restore UserMenuTree. Turn on the date Bt.Cambia and operates and performs data erasure.
* Changed the multilanguage version of APMDSwitcher.
* E2ProcessMgrX added.
* Maxx Backuptools the aggregate. Very complete.
* Remove the skins and ZN5 LIZU. And added the skins ZN5 darkshadow indium and 4AP (thanks Pablito, I did re (A))
* Changed and adapted by the maxx rokrFile IV with multi-language support with their side scripts. Was modified and added support for txt, cfg, lin, sh to open it with the Tread and modify and run with the TextEditor in the case of the executable. This requires the associate OpenWith with Rokr (the rokr file).
Something quite comfortable in my opinion, porqe is better or easier to see the texts with the Tread qe with texteditor.
* Removed rokrmenu (based on the e2-menu Moha) and replaced by Shortcutx1.6 and added to autorun.
* Added font changer and fontpreviewer.
* Kaleidoscope is now multilingual
* Multilanguage Sysinfo added.
* Multilanguage SCREEN3 added. If enabled is to restart, no porq: s.
* Added multilanguage Hidefolder
* BINARY readconfig added.
* Multilanguage added FastLoad
* Qplayer made multilingual.
* Added Spanish langpack English.
* Added TextEditor NestorMan 2.5b
* Added ShortCutX to usermenutree.

BAD THINGS / boludeces: * Now you need to reboot to activate the screen3, but not to clear.
* The FsMan 1.3b2 works, but the version 1.5b, it seems to work randomly uu (so I decided not to add)

Thanks to the creator of Lizu (Subin Khan), Pablito, Nestor, Moha, chrissfloresta, Kolerts, Arctu, Lasly, Taurnil, Kidscracker, and others. Remember that this fw is almost a stew of things that I have to admit that drama if not for them would not have been possible.

Thanks papa for the tip of the legend "keypad locked." Download HERE

Great new portuguese MP by Th!@go! The kernel is iLove3d SDHC V3 NavOK Fix.

Supports txt, ini, c, cfg, phm, chm, java, log, conf, types, net, lst, MTF, tar, gz, ins, skin.rar, rar,, zip, lin, sh, tgz ttf, bz2, SMG, php, desktop, XML, inf and dat
Many latest versions applications are available; however most in portuguese.


-From Stock R564_G_12.00.4AP Firmware
-iLove3d's Kernel SDHC V3 with 4GB SD Card support
-busyBox v1.8.3
-Enabled all equalizer presets
- Supports ext2, ext3, swap, and squashfs, multikeypress, loop
-Supports telnet, ftp, samba protocol
-Option for APMD change (Default APMD is 104/208/312)
-Kaleidoscope mode ON-OFF option from zero f/w by Mohamed David
-Camera resolution is now up to 8x Zoom(120x160-240x320-600x800-1024x1280.
-Video Camera Resolution is : 128x96-176x144-320x240
-Font folder in File Manager with 4 preloaded font
-no known SMS bugs
-Qplayer for flv, mpg video.
-Soflock ("c"+"*") function in VR button
-Mounts Partitions And SwapFiles at PowerON
-My_FAVOR for customize ezx_volumetable.cfg, APMD, myfont.ttf, ezx_flexbit.cfg.
-rokrFile by Mohamed David Execute and view scripts: .lin .sh .mtf .ins, Extract .rar .tar .gz .zip .7z .bz2, Install packages .skin.rar
-My_Lnguage for customize language(vui for voice cmd,string for lang.)
-View option for system files.
-Fonts folder in File Manager for customize font
-Supports synchronization
-Three themes.
-Menu for facebook in office tools(option for login directly in facebook)

Included below apps:
-Stop watch
-SwapFile Manager
-Over Clock
-E2TextEditorX by NestorM
-Open with
-Display Time
-Menu Setup
-Link sys
-System Info
-Skin editor
-soft manager
-Autorun Manager
-Font Changer
-Java heap size
-SD Tools
-Volume Editor
-End Session
-E2-Menu from Zero f/w
-Day light saving for Bangladeshi users
-Free Space 10.4 MB
Download HERE

Tyrano series by Mohamed David:

Motorola ROKR E2
.-Based on R564_G_12.00.4AP Stock
.-One of the more fast fw's in the history of ROKR E2
.-All iLove3d's improvements
.-Supports syncronization with MPT in Kaleidoscope-Non Kaleidoscope Mode
.-Added New Show* Binaries from Revival Project
.-BusyBox v1.8.3 (2008-04-04 17:20:20 CST)
.-Enabled all eq presets
.-The more fast iLove3d Kernel, iLove3d Kernel V2 ( supports: ext2, ext3, swap, multikeypress, NON SDHC 4GB SD Card, loop, and squashfs )
.-MotoID Enabled and working
.-Websessions of Movistar Argentina
.-Supports TELNET/SAMBA/FTP connections
.-APMD Stock! (104/208/312)
.-Can Activate Screen3 (Orange Menu) without reboot!
.-Camera with 8x Zoom!, Resolutions changed to 1280x1024-1024x768-800x600-640x480.
.-Video Camera Resolution Changed to : 320x240-176x144
.-Change function of right button of the photo preview, now says "discard" in place of "Send", much more efficient!!
.-Gain_Table and Param_Table mod by me for the Tyrano Series Fw's

Much more details are available in our forums!
Download HERE