Phone Software

A powerful text/image reader for your E2 phone. Probably the best one out there :)
Download HERE

This menu is assigned to the voice key (Voicekey), to facilitate access to any existing application on the phone or SD memory, use the new show* binaries of Arctu. Consists of seven preloaded shortcuts:

.-> Bluetooth
.-> Themes
.-> FM Radio
.-> Calculator
.-> Alarm Clock
.-> Connections
.-> File Manager
Download HERE

EZXEmu ported for Motorola ROKR E2 is a game emulator for Famicom (fc, nes), Megadrive (md) and Super NES (snes) game roms. Enjoy!
Download HERE

Mohamed David from was so kind to share with us a new program, which includes the three best emulators for E2 in one mpkg - E2GameBoyAX Final, E2GameBoy and EzxEmulator. Additionally it has an "overclock" app, which will help you to speed up the emulation :)
Download HERE

Simple Java Heap size changer for Motorola ROKR E2 by NestorM