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This is the successor of the quite popular Katze 1 firmware

Motorola ROKR E2 

Installation instructions:
a) The first file is the firmware itself
b) With the second file you will get quadband

Motorola ROKR E2

Review by the author:
It is based on 46p_Revolution from Ilove3d though
-More Fast (Overclocked-protected) it will just boost when it really needs to
Note: i was looking while flashing the Processor works at the fastest speed possible
and it must be 3 times the normal speed so it should be SAFE enough to overclock
at this point
-More Dynamic
-All Ilove3d´s improvements
-All Eq Presets Enabled
-Multiple Keypress Support
-It is Fast and it doesnt have any bug on camera or Voice Commands
-MotoID ENABLED. and Full Working
-Mexico´s webbsettings Full working
-Spanish 003B LANGPACK with only calendar bug so far
-SMS with Long SMS support
Download HERE

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