Great firmware by mati77 that is build completely from stock firmware 49P.

• Up to 100% faster applications!
• Fixed messages loading issue that is seen in many firmwares
• Phone without sim card
• Skins from SD card
• Smooth video playback
• Radio without earphones!
• Sync with Motorola Phone Tools
• Voice recognition included. Reading messages
• Intel Xcale tool
• Completely redesigned SD Manager
• Skins Manager tool
• 8x camera zoom!
• Vibration without sound on low battery
• ilove3d Kernel v1
• Utilities (PhoneWareManager, System Info, Intel Xscale, SD Manager, LoadSDskin, Desktop visuals, Lights control, Refresh phone, Reboot, Fotoren, LinkSYS, BootGreetings, Print screen, EFEM)
• Skins: OP, Revolution, Alkali (stock)
• MotoID working and stock games
• Descompresor of rar; zip; tar; tar.gz files
Download Standart version HERE

Download Kaleidoscope version HERE