This is only a theme, that change colors of few screen objects on the Motorola ROKR E2 screen. However it looks preety nice and we are sure you will enjoy it.
Motorola ROKR E2
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Download HERE

Installation instructions (in the example below you replace the second default skin with this skin):
1. Copy the common.ini and iconres.ezx in the root folder of your memory card
2. Telnet to your Motorola ROKR E2 and type:
# cp /mmc/mmca1/common.ini /ezxlocal/download/mystuff/unKnown/autorun/files/
# cp /mmc/mmca1/iconres.ezx /ezxlocal/download/mystuff/unKnown/autorun/files/
3. You need to perform the following bind commands. You can include them in startup.txt so they will be executed on every phone restart too
# mount --bind /ezxlocal/download/mystuff/unKnown/autorun/files/common.ini
# mount --bind /ezxlocal/download/mystuff/unKnown/autorun/files/iconres.ezx
NOTE: You can replace "default2" with another digit to replace different existing skin