This mpkg package will allow your Motorola ROKR E2 operating system to create a swap file on your memory card (around 12 MB of file size). The usage is simple - start the program and you will hear a sound "Ding", which means that the swap file is created. When you execute it for second time you will hear "Ding Dong", which means that the swap is removed. It is recommended that you do not use the memory card while it is creating the swap.

Creating a swap file is preety much recommended for all users, because it will noticeably speed up the whole system (it will clean a lot of memory resources from the operating memory and the phone will load new applications faster). You will feel the difference especially when you are "multitasking" (like player + java). Thanks to leskov_artem for finding this
Download HERE

Note: We would recommend you also to defrag your memory card, because that will additionally speed up the read from it.